Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a blockchain?

We use blockchain for its most fundamental purpose. We needed a technology that could immutably secure our data, providing the highest level of assurance we could possibly achieve. Blockchain was the answer. Accompanied by our extremely strict procedures and extensive training program for installers, our blockchain is used to secure generation data on-chain immutably. Additionally, with our network of SmartMiner customers acting as blockchain validators, we can confidently claim to be the only blockchain validated by 100% renewable energy.

What is the utility of the RWN Coin?

The RWN coin is the transactional medium for our layer one custom-built blockchain. All product verticals launched on the chain will require RWN for transaction fees. Our supply is deflationary, as we use real-world revenue from non-crypto verticals to buy back coins from the open market. This creates a sustainable supply model where everyone benefits from the network's expansion. In the future, we will implement RWN as a payment option for various products, some of which will be mandatory.

How do I get a SmartMiner and start earning rewards?

Unlike the usual plug-and-play, we do hardware the right way. Our devices are professionally installed by fully trained and certified engineers. This ensures our network is incredibly secure with advanced anti-tampering and data monitoring features. If you wish to improve your solar payback period drastically and earn higher returns for your investment, contact your local solar installer and request a Rowan Rewards package with your new or existing solar. If your solar installer is yet to be Rowan Certified and able to include our exclusive package in their offering, contact one of our partner distributors and receive a free quote in next to no time.

What is decentralised energy trade?

Decentralised energy trade unlocks huge opportunities for local communities and independent prosumers. It enables independent generators to trade their excess energy peer-to-peer, unlocking cheaper energy bills for the local community and introducing a unique business model for local renewable energy producers.

Is the Rowan SmartMiner only available in the UK?

For the time being, yes. However, we grow our network with consistent mass adoption by non-crypto customers, of whom there are over 1.3 million in the UK who fit into our target market. This is an enormous number, and the potential for scale alone is immense. When the time is right, we are opening up a European office in the initial stages of international expansion.

Do you need to know about crypto to join the network?

We are proud to be one of the first blockchain projects to penetrate the non-crypto market with considerable demand. Our hardware and user interfaces have been developed considering the mass market model. They can be used and are accessible to all demographics, leaving our growth potential uncapped. We have customers over 80 years old with a blockchain validation server installed with their solar panels. We have people from all walks of life, all over the country, with more and more joining the network every single day.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a process through which individuals, companies, and organisations compensate for their CO2 emissions by funding or investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. We mint carbon offset certificates on-chain directly at the generation source, ensuring absolute data assurance and trust. Our strict processes and innovative approach eliminate the flaws in the offset market, opening up renewed opportunities within the sector. When a company buys a certificate from us, we can trace it to the exact solar panel it was created from, where it was created in real-time with no “air gap” in which it could be tampered with. This renewed transparency and authenticity means offset revenues are 100% funding a network of local renewable energy prosumers.

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