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decentralised energy network

Rowan Energy is building the largest network of interconnected decentralised energy assets in the world. All of these assets are linked together by the custom-built Rowan Blockchain. Decentralised energy sources are added to the network by connecting them to our blockchain through our SmartMiner device.

Rowan Energy SmartMiner

Introducing the Rowan SmartMiner

Rewards for sustainable living

This novel, custom-built hardware is the backbone of our network. The SmartMiner is a blockchain validation server and advanced MID-approved energy smart meter. This device is professionally installed with solar installations and records data on-chain regarding how many kWh the solar unit it has been installed with generates in real-time. Due to our sophisticated anti-tamper mechanics and strict installation procedures, the data our SmartMiners collect is without a doubt the highest quality data of its kind in the world. This data is the core fundamental asset allowing us to launch many products.

Partners pushing the network forward

Our SmartMiner Community

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Low carbon

Our blockchain is a highly sustainable system, consuming minimal energy per transaction and ensuring low carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy sources.

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PoUG Consensus

Our blockchain operates on a Proof of Useful Generation consensus mechanism, requiring renewable energy generation to validate transactions and mint carbon offset NFTs.

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Data collection

By leveraging an immutable on-chain data ledger, we guarantee the accuracy and security of our energy generation data, preventing tampering by malicious fraudulent parties.

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Custom built

Rowan Energy’s custom-built layer one blockchain underpins all transactions, requiring RWN currency and following specific fees, finality times, and energy consumption parameters.

Coming soon

The Rowan Wallet

Introducing the Rowan Wallet, a secure solution for managing your RWN coin. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the Rowan Wallet allows you to send and receive RWN with ease. Designed with user security in mind, it puts full control of your assets directly in your hands, ensuring that you can manage your RWN safely and conveniently from your mobile device. Whether you are at home or on the go, the Rowan Wallet is the perfect tool for all your RWN transactions.

The app will be available to download soon.

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