There are countless products we can build with a decentralised grid. The below timeline represents the linear workflow for the objectives Rowan Energy will be working towards this year.

April 2024

Rowan Rewards platform update. More distributor partners added. Mass adoption of SmartMiner technology. Internet Of Energy - expansion to new energy sources.

November 2023

Rowan Energy will launch on a new Exchange.

October 2023

Rowan to Release new MID Approved SmartMiner. National News coverage. The new Rowan Certified Installation Engineering Program to launch.

September 2023

Rowan partners with a leading crypto PR firm. ESE Group to start selling SmartMiner to new Solar Customers.

August 2023

Rowan Energy partners with Kaizen Technology to manufacture the new MID Approved SmartMiner.

July 2023

Rowan Energy named ESE Group as its new wholesale partner. Rowan Energy signs nine more distributors and many new solar installers.

June 2023

Rowan Energy Signs new Wholesale Distributor to support UK rollout. Rowan Energy launches new tokenomics model.

March 2023

Rowan Energy seeks VC investment to fund further blockchain and Carbon development.

January 2023

Rowan will start to build new partnerships with distributors to streamline the supply chain. Facebook marketing for SmartMiner customers.

October 2022

Pre-Sale complete. POC new MID Approved SmartMiner.

June 2022

Customer dashboard and backend updates to be released. SmartMiner presales to the current waiting list.

May 2022

Manufacturing of New SmartMiner begins. Final testing and snagging of new Software. The waiting list is to be warmed up. Sales funnel to go live.

April 2022

New POC Smartmeter partnership to enable assets already in the field to connect to our infrastructure and cloud-mine transactions.

March 2022

Blockchain updates and hardening. SmartMiner development to continue.

February 2022

Continued development of SmartMiner and legal for manufacturing and distribution.

January 2022

Continued development of new SmartMiner for national Launch.

October 2021

Release of latest SmartMiner Firmware. New Customer Service Infrastructure.Carbon Offset POC launch.

April 2021

National and International Press releases in major news and crypto publications.

March 2021

Beta Launch with SmartMiners in 50 homes.

January 2021

Live Pilot is Launched with Beta SmartMiner in working property.

December 2020

Building our exec team. Complete PoC with metering partner. Public Exchange listings. Release Rowan Smart Miner.

November 2019

Pen Tests Hosting moves Market research within Energy.

October 2019

Soft Launch Launch of Rowan Energy Blockchain. Dashboard and wallet infrastructure.

September 2019

Proof of concept Energy Certificate to tokenise REGO, ROC and REC. Licenses and regulations and legal Talks with major UK Energy Companies Community building and further research and development.

May 2019

Website launch Test ERC-20 Token Building Low-carbon blockchain. Wallet, dashboard & smart contracts.

March 2019

Research and development into Blockchain use cases in Energy.

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