What makes the Rowan Blockchain different?

Rowan Energy utilises its own custom-built layer one blockchain as the foundational medium for transactions on the network. What this means is that every single product released by Rowan Energy will require the native RWN currency for all transactions and each transaction follows fees, finality times and energy consumption dictated by the novel blockchain consensus mechanism. 

Proof of Useful Generation

The Rowan Energy Blockchain utilises a PoUG consensus mechanism. Our blockchain requires renewable energy generation in order to validate transactions on the chain. The term ‘useful’ stems from the fact that this generation is also used to mint carbon offset NFTs from the real-time validation data. The blockchain is validated by pure renewable energy through the integration of SmartMiner devices with residential solar installations. The SmartMiner acts as a blockchain validation server and advanced MID smart meter all in one device.

Low Carbon

The Rowan Energy Blockchain is an incredibly low carbon chain. The blockchain consumes extremely small amounts of energy per transaction. The fact that behind every validation server lies a completely assured renewable energy source with advanced anti-gaming mechanisms making it impossible to alter that fact, our chain is among the most sustainable in the world.

Data Collection

We use blockchain technology for its most fundamental value proposition, an immutable data ledger. By storing our data on-chain we ensure that it cannot be changed or tampered with by malicious actors. This adds a definitive layer of integrity once we have collected the generation data

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