Rowan Certified Installation Engineer Programme

The key to ensuring our products have complete integrity comes down to being confident our data is completely assured and accurate at a large scale. There are many factors that can create risk factors as to how assured this data is but how exactly the SmartMiner is installed is a key consideration. The Rowan Certified Engineer program aims to address this risk factor.


To ensure every solar installer follows the exact procedures we require for our data collection, we have designed a full training program to be conducted with in-person classes where upon completion installers become a ‘Rowan Certified Installation Engineer’. You have to be Rowan Energy certified in order to be able to receive SmartMiner stock from distributors and begin installing the hardware. We designed the training program alongside our wholesaler, ESE Solar, whose expert staff that are deeply familiar with Rowan Energy processes will be leading the classes. They will be conducted in groups of 12-15 on a given day and currently there is a training waiting list of approximately 200 companies.


Once an installer is ‘Rowan Energy Certified’ and is completely familiar with our strict processes, they will follow the exact same installation procedures as all the other certified installers. We can be confident that each installation is carried out in the exact same way following a predetermined job sheet. A key part of the anti-tampering mechanism is where the installer declares the PV system size and takes numerous photos for record keeping. If the generation exceeds the declared PV system outlined by the installer we can act on the suspicion the customer is trying to game the system.

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